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Why RadioEG

RadioEG Distributors provide professional design implementation and support services for radio trunking networks, as well as the expansion or integration of existing ones.

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RadioEG Features

Quality, Relaible, trusted and Professional Service represented to you.

High Quality

A high quality Analogue & Digital range of communication products.

Tailored energy solutions

Tailored energy solutions to meet clients’ specific energy requirements.

Customer Care

Ensure our client’s communication and energy requirements are individually specified through our trained and experienced energy consultants.

Certified products

Provide a product range which is thoroughly researched, tested, certified and accredited to ensure an industry best performing system.

Reports Management

Progressively innovate high standards in best practices customer. Dramatically exploit dynamic strategic.

Professional installation

Provide a professional, friendly and hassle free installation in a timely manner.

Portable Units

We have different type of pricing table to choose with your need with reasonable price. Any one you can choose that you need. Continually network virtual strategic theme areas vis-a-vis ubiquitous potentialities. Holisticly negotiate focused e-tailers without premium solutions.


Simple and affordable, the DP1400 portable two-way analogue/digital radio connects your workforce efficiently—and has the flexibility to grow with your business. By combining the best of two-way radio functionality with the latest analogue and digital technology, the DP1400 is perfect for the everyday user who wants to stay connected. Fully compatible with the MOTOTRBO family of radios, the DP1400 has superior audio quality, outstanding coverage, long-lasting battery life and more.

DP4801Ex Atex

Threats from explosive gas or combustible dust, on an oil rig or in an open mine, your workers confront them daily. Safe, reliable communication is absolutely critical in such dangerous environments. That's where the power and performance of MOTOTRBO digital radio stands out.

MTP 3100

Simple, compact and easy-to-use by all the family, when shopping, on the beach, or just playing in the park, the TLKR T40 is the perfect way to stay in touch when out and about.

Smart PTT 4G Radio

released into the South African market during June 2016! These radios have coverage where ever you have cellphone coverage. Coverage is nation wide and airtime costs are fixed on a monthly basis. Talk as much as you want!

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